Labinal Power Systems offers a global system approach to Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems:


A wide range of products

  • World-class manufacturing in product areas including wire harness assemblies,
  • integration of wiring into electromechanical structures (racks and panels) and electrical cabinets.
  • Expertise on EMI and overbraiding.

Technology and know-how

Outstanding expertise in manufacturing engineering. Working from the digital mock-ups, Labinal Power Systems creates all features, manufacturing data and testing data required to provide our customers with high quality products.

Strong tool management and training methodology mean we can ensure the provision of robust processes world-wide.

Configuration management

  • Working to a wide variety of specifications and specific program requirements to create products as unique and diverse as our customer base.
  • key capabilities of configuration management through power on.

Electrical Tests

Creation of all testing data required to deliver fully tested electrical product.

Geographical coverage

Within its two divisions, EWIS Eurasia and EWIS Americas, Labinal Power Systems offers proximity to its customers to ensure market and economic efficiency.